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If you ignore the warning signs of failing shock absorbers, you are putting your safety and the safety of any passengers at risk. The initial signs of worn shock absorbers can result in your vehicle taking longer to stop when the brakes are applied. In addition to the safety concerns, your car will fail its next WOF if the shocks are worn.

Our friendly and professional mechanics will ensure your shocks are in good working order, undertaking any repairs or replacing them if necessary. We also offer a range of automotive repair and service options for all types of cars and trucks, including cambelt replacements, electrical repairs and oil filter changes. If you need a hire car, our courtesy car is waiting for you in the workshop, or we can happily pick up or drop you off while your car is in the workshop.

Get in touch with us today for cost-effective shock repairs.

What are shock absorbers?

Shock absorbers do exactly that, they absorb energy from any movement resulting from accelerating, braking and driving on uneven surfaces. These movements create vertical energy that travels through the vehicle’s frame. Without good-condition shock absorbers, this energy would cause the vehicle to jump or bounce, leaving the driver with minimal control. The shocks absorb this energy, ensuring the vehicle always has maximum contact and friction with the road without throwing the occupants all over the show.

Does my car need a shock absorber replacement?

Common signs that it may be time to book your vehicle in to have the shocks checked, include:

  • A vibrating steering wheel
  • A vehicle that is unstable and rattles when driving on uneven surfaces
  • A vehicle taking longer to stop
  • A vehicle that battles around corners
  • Unevenly wearing tyres
  • Shock absorbers show signs of leakage

It’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to shocks. If you have any concerns, pop in and see us at our Hamilton-based warehouse.

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