Hamilton’s top spot for vehicle repairs – including break pad, alternator, and cambelt replacement

Why choose Ultimate Automotive for your vehicle repairs.

At Ultimate Automotive, we service every brand and model with precision and expertise. From our Workshop Manager to our A-grade Automotive Engineers, our team is not only skilled and experienced but also highly communicative. Whether you need an oil change, car radiator repair, brake service, or electrical repair, Ultimate Automotive is your comprehensive solution.


  1. Our no surprises guarantee: Ultimate Automotive will never start repairs without consulting the customer – or the repairs are free! From the first call to the finished job, communication is our priority and our guarantee.
  2. Free courtesy cars, or pick-up and delivery within Te Rapa and surrounding areas. Ask us about how we can help, when booking.
  3. Mobile EFTPOS facilities, for easy and convenient payment.
  4. We can deal direct with all warranty companies on your behalf such as Provident, Autosure, Protecta, Mainstream, Vero, and DriveRight.

Ultimate Automotive carries out a wide range of repairs

Shock and Suspension Repair

Worn shocks can add to braking distances significantly, and adversely affect ride comfort. We are qualified to repair damage to shock and suspension systems caused by rough roads and other wear and tear, whether it’s a simple leaf spring, MacPherson strut, or complex adjustable ride-height system.

Gearbox Repair and Replacement

We can repair all types of gearbox problems, from a crunching manual shift, being difficult to engage, or a slipping or smelly automatic – these are all signs your gearbox could need preventative maintenance, before a bigger repair. Gearboxes are an Ultimate specialty.

Oil Changes and Oil Filter Replacement

Don’t put off getting your oil checked. We can get your engine oil changed swiftly while you wait, or check it as part of a larger job. Our qualified mechanical team recommends regular oil checks to keep your car in the best possible running condition.

Electrical Repairs

Whether your headlights aren’t working, your car isn’t starting, or any other electrical issue is occurring, we can quickly find the source of the problem and advise you of the most appropriate solution. Whether it’s a battery, alternator or just a brake-light, we can diagnose and repair.

Radiator and Alternator Repair

We can handle all your radiator and alternator servicing and repair needs, from starter motor issues to ongoing maintenance, come in and chat to the friendly team today.

Clutch Replacement or Repair

Talk to us about clutch replacement, at the first sign of problems – whether your clutch pedal goes to the floor, is hard to get into gear, is leaking fluid, slipping or a high clutch pedal.

Brake Pad Replacement or Repairs

Are your brakes squealing, pulling to one side, grinding or a spongy pedal? These are some common problems we can diagnose and fix. Brake fluid is also hygroscopic (water absorbing), which means it needs to be flushed occasionally. Repairs to worn or damaged brakes are vital for safety and daily driving and it’s another area where prevention is often cheaper than the fix.

Cambelt Replacement

Vehicle manufacturers specify certain timeframes at which cambelts/timing belts should be replaced, to avoid catastrophic engine damage: our team can inspect the condition of your belt – a cambelt replacement is a fraction of the cost of what a cambelt failure could cause.


As well as servicing your air conditioning, Ultimate Automotive can take care of blockages and leaks. We have the expertise and equipment to find and fix hose leaks and compressor issues no matter where they are in your system.

Regular vehicle servicing is not just a recommendation; it’s the cornerstone of proactive maintenance that keeps your car running smoothly and prevents costly repairs down the road. At Ultimate Automotive, we emphasize the importance of staying ahead of potential issues by scheduling routine servicing. Our team is dedicated to keeping you and your passengers safe by adhering to strict inspection standards and promptly addressing any concerns to ensure your vehicle meets all safety requirements.

Contact us today to get your vehicle’s issues sorted so you can drive with comfort and confidence!

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